Genii Capital Press Releases

New Genii Capital and WWI Group joint venture

Luxembourg, August 08, 2011

Genii Capital and WWI Group are delighted to announce the signing of a new joint venture, which will allow new projects to be developed in Brazil for Genii Capital partners and customers, while paving the way for WWI Group investors to take their businesses abroad. Together, the two companies will manage an investment portfolio totalling US$ 10 billion and as of now, the projects from this partnership will be merged into a single business book.
The two companies will focus on private equity investments in Energy, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Oil, Gas and the Automotive sector. Their association gives birth to the 8th most powerful private equity investment company in South America.
Gérard Lopez, Chairman of Genii Capital: “Genii Capital is a Private Investment Management and Financial Advisory Firm serving the needs of Investors, International Groups and Governments worldwide. Our unique DNA makes us a partner of choice for those seeking a long-term view, global perspective and performance in keeping with a commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. We are delighted to expand our activity in Brazil with WWI.”
Marco Versiani, chairman of the WWI Group:  "WWI Group believes that companies are jointly responsible for our society's development, and should actively play this role by  bringing a culture of social transformation into daily management activities.  Our partnership with Genii Capital will offer investment opportunities for Brazilians and foreigners. Foreign funds are welcome to invest in Brazil, but the opportunity is mainly created for Brazilian investors who want to diversify their own portfolio. Indeed, our investors are provided with a direct access to the European private equity market.”
Headquartered in Luxembourg, Genii Capital has increased its interest in close strategic partnerships with the BRIC countries recently, and, as a result, is very interested in the Brazilian market. Today, Genii Capital already has activities in both Europe and Asia. Its businesses include names from Information Technology, Natural & Renewable Resources, and the Automotive sector.
WWI Group works on a multi-purpose platform including Asset Management, Project Finance, Project Management, Structuring, Investment Banking, Distribution and others. The Group relies on the experience of a talented team that enjoys optimum credibility in the Financial, Real Estate, Energy, Infrastructure and Technology markets.

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