We are the

Modern Merchant Company

Through our international network we have brought together a group of professionals with the experience, understanding and creative thinking needed to successfully align the ambitions of companies and investment partners.

We are culturally diverse with teams operating out of Luxemburg and Seoul and investor relationships across the globe.

Private Equity

We have a wealth of experience in the world of private equity and venture capital. With a strong track record, which includes deals such as Lotus F1 Team, Polaroid stalking horse bid or Chaplin’s World, we provide investors with exceptional investment opportunities in a variety of industries.

Financial Advisory

We engage clients looking for investment. We develop investor facing materials and work with our clients to develop robust financial models to project 3-5 year performance and advise on transaction strategy. We are well connected with long standing relationships and a heritage with significant investors and funds.

Why Genii Capital?

We are selective. We only work with clients we understand and believe in. Our team is experienced across a range of industries and we believe that representing and articulating our clients business is everything because there are no degrees to successful investing.

We are experienced in

impact investing, disruptive technology, natural resources, branding, real estate & urbanism, entertainment and sports.

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B.P. 2398
L-1023 Luxembourg

Offices (and courier services)
22, rue des Bruyères
L-1274 Howald

Tel: +352 26 39 65 1

Registration no. B140567

Seoul, Korea

18, Itaewonro 54-gagil
Seoul, South Korea

Tel: +82 2 3453 8183

Registration no. 104-81-89553

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